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    IFIP WG 1.7

    Theoretical Foundations of Security
    Analysis and Design

Welcome to the IFIP WG 1.7 home page on Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design. The Working Group has been founded in 1999 with the main aims of investigating the theoretical foundations of security, discovering and promoting new areas of application of theoretical techniques in computer security and supporting the systematic use of formal techniques in the development of security related applications.

IFIP WG 1.7 is a working group of the Technical Committee 1 (TC1) of IFIP, which promotes activities in the area of Foundations of Computer Science.

The main research topics relevant for the Working Group include:

See here the text of the proposal.



The Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Security (WITS) is the annual open event of IFIP WG 1.7. Traditionally, it has been located for two consecutive years in Europe and one in the United States. Submissions are open to anyone working on the theory of computer security. The program will encourage discussion among all attendees, both during and after the scheduled presentations. During the years, WITS has been federated with other events (FCS and ARSPA). In 2011 it has been promoted to TOSCA: Theory of Security and Applications, affiliated with ETAPS 2011.

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Martin Abadi (USA)
Gilles Barthe (Spain)
David Basin (Switzerland)
Dominique Bolignano (France)
Hubert Comon-Lundh (France)
Véronique Cortier (France) - Vice-Chair
Cas Cremers (Germany)
Pierpaolo Degano (Italy)
Stéphanie Delaune (France)
Sandro Etalle (Netherlands)
Riccardo Focardi (Italy)
Simon Foley (Ireland)
Dieter Gollman (Germany)
Li Gong (China)
Joshua Guttman (USA)
Jan Jürjens (Germany)
Steve Kremer (France)
Ralf Küsters (Germany)
Matteo Maffei (Germany)
Catherine Meadows (USA)
John Mitchell (USA)
Sebastian A. Mödersheim (Denmark)- Chair
Carroll Morgan (Australia)
Toby Murray (Australia)
Jean-Jacques Quisquater (Belgium)
Peter Ryan (Luxemburg)
Catuscia Palamidessi (France)
Mark Ryan (UK)
Steve Schneider (UK)
Geoffrey Smith (USA)
Paul Syverson (USA)
Luca Viganò (UK) - Secretary
Raphael Yahalom (USA)

Past Members

Colin Boyd (Australia)
Roberto Gorrieri (Italy)
Bengt Jonsson (Sweden)
Guy Leduc (Belgium)
Gavin Lowe (UK)
Ueli Maurer (CH)
Jonathan Millen (USA)
Yoram Moses (Israel)
Moti Yung (USA)